MBI for Garden

Garden in holiday atmosphere

  • Design agency


  • Garden architect

    Jacqueline Volker

  • Inspiration

    Holiday atmosphere

  • Garden tiles walkway

    GeoCeramica® Motion Beige

  • Garden tiles seating area

    GeoCeramica® Timber Noce

  • Drawing and planting

    Download (at the bottom of the page)

Free garden design

Vacation in your own garden! This way you create the real holiday atmosphere!

Beach, dunes, the sand between your toes, a gentle breeze, the sun on your skin and a cocktail in the beach bar, who wouldn’t want that? We are happy to give you all the inspiration for a garden to stay at home!

We made a complete mood board with the garden tiles used and a design with a complete planting plan that you can get started yourself. Success is guaranteed with a design by StyleGardens and decorative paving from MBI!

Garden design

Choice of garden tiles

Download drawing and planting plan

Do you also want such a beautiful garden in a holiday atmosphere? With this design and planting plan from StyleGardens you can get started yourself! And our dealers are happy to help you with the selection and construction of the decorative paving.