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Residence with GeoStylistix accents

The GeoStylistix accent facade turns what would be a classic terraced house into something special. The combination between the modern, long facing brick and the classic brick creates a unique sight.

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    GeoStylistix, colour Blossom Red

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Residence with GeoStylistix accents

GeoStylistix accents in ‘Blossom Red’

An accent wall is not a strange concept, however, this unique house has a ‘tower’ which is completely equipped with GeoStylistix. The GeoStylistix accents make what would be a classic terraced house into something special. Not only a unique stone and colour has been chosen, but also openings in the masonry have been applied. In addition to the special appearance, such an accent facade also offers a creative solution for expanding a home. Alternatively, in case of expansion or renovation, you can also opt for brick slips. With brick slips, the original facade can be left intact and is therefore particularly suitable for facade renovations.

Combining materials

Combining facade materials creates an exciting facade. The choice of type of material, texture and colour determines the atmosphere and appearance. This residence with GeoStylistix accents, the long facing brick in Blossom Red has been chosen for the ‘tower’. The rest of the residence has a more classic red brick as a base. The modern and classic bricks can be combined very nicely. The colour nuances and the deep colour of the GeoStylistix Blossom Red are due to the natural, colourfast granules. This will ensure a long-lasting beautiful facade. GeoStylistix is ​​available in dozens of (exotic) colours.