Concrete pavers

Sustainable concrete pavers

Concrete pavers

The range of concrete pavers that MBI offers is very extensive. From standard stones to the most varied sizes. MBI is also the right place for grass concrete stones and open paving. We have been a household name as producer of concrete products for years. In 1980, MBI invented colourfast concrete pavers with a high-quality top layer. To this day, these concrete pavers colour our streets. At MBI we are committed to a beautiful living environment, poured into the most beautiful, high-quality and durable pavement.

Colourfast top layer

MBI invented the concrete pavers with the colourfast top layer. In 1980 we introduced GeoColor with the washed-out coating structure. Due to the proven quality, GeoColor is still one of the top runners in our range.


Choose your size, texture and colour

Concrete pavers are colourful and versatile

For the design of the public space you need varied element hardening with a wide range of colour and sizes. The appearance and atmosphere you want to achieve, but also the function, is different in a residential area than in an industrial area or in a city center. We have the solution for all conceivable areas of application. At the base of each MBI concrete paving stone is an extremely strong concrete base with a high-quality top layer with a thickness of 10mm. MBI’s pavement is categorised based on these top layer compositions, varying from a very closed to a textured surface.

Product range

  • Basic – closed surface with high-quality colour pigments
  • GeoBasic – closed surface with 70% colourfast materials
  • GeoRetron Excellent – closed, nostalgic stone with 70% colourfast material in 3 versions: facet, no facet, aged
  • GeoRetron Prestige – closed, nostalgic stone with 100% colourfast material in 3 versions: facet, no facet, aged
  • GeoColor Classic – washed top layer with 70% colourfast material, coarse gradation
  • GeoColor Excellent – washed top layer with 80% colourfast material, fine gradation
  • GeoColor Prestige – washed top layer with 100% colourfast material, impregnated
  • GeoSilent – open top layer of natural material, sound-absorbing
  • GeoStructura – open top layer with 85% natural materials, fine or coarse gradation


GeoRetron, the new generation of concrete clinker

GeoRetron is an array of colourfast concrete pavers with a very attractive appearance. The warm earthy colours fit well in the inner city area and in residential areas with a 1920s and 1930s appearance. But a characteristic commercial building is also beautified by paving that matches the mood. Due to the wide range of colours, special accents can be added. GeoRetron, a perfect alternative to the traditional, baked clinker. These concrete pavers are dimensionally stable, offer an operating advantage and are suitable for very heavy loads.

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