Facade solutions

Sound-absorbing stones

Improve acoustics with sound-absorbing stones

Various factors are important for an optimum climate in a room, including the acoustics. After all, the fewer environmental noises, the better we can concentrate as humans. Reverberation sounds should also be prevented as much as possible. The current building materials (use of flexible walls) are usually smooth and have little to no acoustic value. Walls of concrete bricks offer a clear advantage here. But different values can also be achieved within the range of concrete bricks.

Optimal acoustics with gravel/lava stone

Peutz, the acoustics laboratory, has been testing the reverberation chamber method on two types of MBI concrete bricks. The standard concrete block DBLM100 (Brixx) and a special design the MBI gravel/lave concrete block DBLM+ 50/50. The measurements were performed according to ISO 354. The reverberation time of the reverberation chamber is determined by means of reverb measurements. This happens in two situations: when the reverberation room is empty and when the material to be examined is arranged in the reverberation room.
The introduction of the material to be examined will generally reduce the reverberation time in the reverberation room. The decrease in reverberation time is a measure of the amount of absorption introduced. Both concrete blocks meet the ISO 354 standard. The special concrete stone with gravel/lava composition shows a greatly improved result. The reports are available on request. Complete the form below.

Acoustic block

Exclusive for Soundless Acoustics International, MBI produces the acoustic block Soundblox MA. The Soundblox type MA is a sound-absorbing specially developed for reducing reverberation within a room in order to create a pleasant acoustic climate. The MA type is a particularly high-quality acoustic block, both in terms of absorption performance and aesthetic design. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. For more information please contact Soundless Acoustics International.

minder nagalm akoestische Soundblox MA

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