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Your partner for decorative paving, wall blocks and accessories.

Decorative paving and accessories

Find a wide range of decorative paving for your garden, driveway or (catering) terrace!

The garden as a second living room. There is no room for boring square meters. MBI offers attractive solutions in decorative paving with which the optimum balance between greenery, home and garden can be realised. We also offer a wide selection of maintenance-friendly joint materials in addition to stones, tiles and kerbs. MBI wants to contribute to an optimal garden experience in which sustainability and quality are paramount.

Our collections

The MBI collection consists of 5 complete series, each with their own remarkable characteristics:

  1. GeoCeramica® – a high-quality ceramic tile on a Stabikorn® base. Inseparable, just as quick and easy to install as concrete tiles.
  2. GeoSteen® – decorative paving with high-quality, colour-fast top layer. Choose from various structures, colours and sizes. Choose quality.
  3. GoProArte® – concrete tile with digital top layer. A true innovation. Expected in 2021!
  4. Ceramics- 1-3 cm ceramic tiles of Italian top quality.
  5. BasicSteen – quality concrete tiles for less.
GeoCeramica® – Concrete meets ceramics

The ease of ceramics and the advantages of concrete tiles. Quick and easy to install and also offers you numerous advantages compared to ceramic or concrete tiles. Italian design combined with the craftsmanship of MBI. A beautiful, low-maintenance and wear-resistant terrace starts here. Maximum enjoyment starts with GeoCeramica®.


Residence with GeoStylistix accents

The GeoStylistix accent facade turns what would be a classic terraced house into something special. The combination between the modern, long facing brick and the classic brick creates a unique sight.

Contact us.

For questions about GeoCeramica®, we refer you to the distributor in you country. For other questions please fill in the form, also concerning large scale import of our product range. We will contact you as soon as possible.


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