MBI for Construction

Facing bricks

The new generation (facing) bricks for an unique facade. Quality and aesthetics combined.

Masonry facades have a strong influence on the aesthetics of houses and buildings. It is a recurring challenge to design a suitable, functional and / or unique appearance for the facade, whereby the combination of facing brick and joint determines the overall appearance of a facade. Our range has 6 product lines with a vast colour palette. Custom colours are also possible with certain facing bricks. Of course, our adviser is available to assess whether your wishes are feasible. We produce the facing bricks to order and we have a large stock of beautiful finishing granules for the top layer. This makes us flexible in the possibilities.

STRONG SUITS Low-maintenance and colourfast

Protection Plus

Our latest generation of facing bricks have a very dense composition so that rainwater – and therefore pollution – can only penetrate the stone to a very limited extent. In addition, the stones are protected for a long time with a Protection Plus treatment. Where other stones become more porous over time, our top layer remains closed. MBI stands for a long lifespan and beautiful facade at minimal maintenance costs.

Colourfast facing bricks

Due to the use of natural granulates, our bricks are colourfast, warm and nuanced. Custom colour production is possible with our slim facing brick GeoStylistix, even at relatively small volumes.

Sustainable production

Our facing bricks have a favourable ECI (Environmental Cost Indicator) value due to the sustainable production process on wind energy. No heating process is necessary to ensure the hardness of the brick. In addition, the bricks are fully reusable / recyclable after their lifespan.

Always the right appearance with the MBI's facing bricks. Choose quality, safety and appearance.

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