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For a high-quality, sustainable facade

As one of the largest producers of concrete products, MBI offers a very extensive range of concrete blocks and facing bricks for construction. The selection process for the right type of stone is complex. And will also be quite difficult for you since you probably do not do this on a daily basis. MBI can produce almost any size and colour brick to your liking. This way you create the ideal facade, perfectly attuned to the usage intensity and desired appearance. Moreover, you choose sustainability if you choose from our construction range; concrete blocks and bricks are a sustainable alternative to traditional (baked) brick. After all, no energy-intensive baking process is required for the production of concrete products.

Get inspired with our Masterpieces book!

With our vast construction range, including a long format facing brick GeoStylistix, there is plenty of designer freedom. Get inspired!

Your partner for the construction of public and private spaces.

Since 1945 – MBI is a manufacturer of high-quality paving and facade solutions for public and private use. Product development is based on the idea that our (public) space contributes to broader societal goals such as comfort, safety, sustainability and health. Our playing field is aimed at all usage areas of the outdoors; living, roads, shopping, working and well-being.

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